Grasshopper: 0.9.00xx and above

  • Rhino 4: The multi-threaded ABB monitoring features are not available on Rhino 4.
  • Rhino 5 x86: Full compatibility.
  • Rhino 5 x64: The HAL to ABB controller will not work due to the current ABB API, only compatible with 32 bits application.
  • In order to always get the highest level of control on the multiple robots supported by our program, the development of HAL follows the most advanced features available in the different controllers and related languages. Though, robot languages and/or controllers limitations do not always allow to use or invent equivalencies, leading to eventual compatibility problems. For this reason, a detailed list of the different features of HAL and their compatibility with the supported robot brands can be found on this page (click the button to download the file).

  • HAL Features Compatibility (PDF)